X-LED takes top honors at the World’s Largest Lighting Exhibition

Carl Stahl’s Modular Lighting System receives the LFI Award

During “Light Fair International 2012,“ the world’s largest exhibition for lighting fixtures in Las Vegas, 228 products in various categories partic-ipated in the prestigious LFI Innovation Awards. And the video-compatible X-LED modular lighting system from Carl Stahl was one of the award winners. The American jury honored this innovative product with an award in the category “Dynamic Color, Theatrical, Color & White Linear Cove / Strips / Tape.”

The sponsors of this year’s event, the International Association of Lighting De-signers and the Illuminating Engineering Society, were very pleased by the attendance of over 20,000 visitors. And one the 475 exhibitors was the cable and lifting system manufacturer Car Stahl, headquartered in Suessen, Baden Wuerttemberg. Here, the company exhibited its video-compatible modular lighting system X-LED, at its 60m² exhibition stand.

Prior to the exhibition’s opening, its sponsors conducted an innovation compe-tition among the exhibitors where 228 products were evaluated in various cat-egories. The jury, consisting of seven US light designers, selected the X-LED as the best product in the category “Dynamic Color, Theatrical, Color & White Linear Cove / Strips / Tape“.

The framework of the X-LED uses thin steel cable which is pressed to form a delicate net. Individually controlled LED’s are then mounted on this netting to form a wide-screen lighting display which can project the entire RGB color spectrum. Integrated processors in each LED ensure the X-LED’s flexibility in terms of dynamic image range and color brightness. Via its video port digitized photos, animations and videos can be transmitted directly from the computer to the system. Thanks to the transparency of the X-LED’s delicate netting, the overall translucent look of the system could be retained despite its LED’s. The high strength of the steel netting also means that X-LED’s in a wide screen format can be installed without additional anchoring fixtures. Last but not least, the carrier material owns the general technical approval and is thereby simplifying both project planning and approvals by building inspectors.